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iWhizz is a brand of ILLUMINE CAREER CENTRE, which is a soft-skill training and HR consultancy company incorporated in 2018 with a view to impart soft-skills to young graduates and to provide a range of other job recruiting services to prospective job seekers and employers alike.


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Interviewing Candidates

Choose a candidate from the talent pool & let us interview them on your behalf, based on your requirements and inputs


Soft skills Training

Want to learn some interview skills and other soft skills to improve your chances of getting selected? Both offline and recorded classes are available


Background check

Candidate selected but unsure of his credentials? Let us help you do a quick background verification of the candidate


Book a Conference Room

A 25 seater all-equipped conference room/training room available in centre of city for your training and meeting needs


Resume preparation

Want a graphic one page resume to wow potential employers? Contact us to help you get an attractive resume


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Lilianna Bocouse

Manika U

Darell Steward

Satish Kumar K

Annette Black

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Ralph Edwards

H Venkatesh

Extremely happy with the services of iWhizz! They are very professional in their approach. Their team helped me scout for my first job and i'm very thankful for their support.

I strongly recommend job seekers to visit iWhizz office and get a wonderful chance to be placed at a job suited for your profile.

iWhizz helped me get a job when i needed the most. The team at iWhizz painstakingly searched job to suit my carrer needs. They even helped me prepare for my interview and their inputs were very crucial in getting me a job of my liking.

Thank you team iWhizz! your services are highly appreciated.

I would like to thank iWhizz for helping me get placed in a reputed logistics company. Their services right from my first visit to their office has been very courteous and professional.

I would highy recommend freshers to avial the services of iWhizz.

I saw an ad of iWhizz and approached them to find a suitable job for me. They were very courteous and prompt in their response. Their team personally scouted for jobs that suited my skills and they even took me to the job interview.

I would highly recommend freshers and experienced candidates to contact iWhizz, to avail a wonderful chance and get placed in their dream job.

Any questions? Check out the FAQs

No. You can apply to jobs for FREE on iWhizz. Note that genuine recruiters do not ask for money to schedule interviews or offer a job. If you are receiving such calls or emails, beware and get to our notice ASAP as this might be a job scam.

You can search for jobs that have been posted by companies/recruiters on iWhizz based on Experience, Salary, Type or Date posted. If you get hundreds of jobs, you can narrow down your search by using filters. If we show, “No Results Found” for your search result, we recommend you to broaden the search by reducing your filters and criteria.

  1. Login to your employer account -> go to the section of "Post a Job"
  2. As you walk through the form, red asterisks * will indicate required fields. Just know that iWhizz urges all employers to complete as many fields as possible while posting their job ads for improved search rankings.
  3. After filling the form as per your job requirements, click on the option of "Post" at the bottom.

  1. Login to your employer account -> go to the section of "Jobs Posted"
  2. A list of all the Jobs that you have posted so far will be displayed. Delete any particular Job that you want to remove from the iWhizz site and any promotions associated with it will come to an end as well.

Yes, registering is easy. You need to Register/Create an account to be able to Hire/Apply for a Job on iWhizz

A range of additional features are available to facilitate the hiring process and connect job seekers with potential employers, called iWhizz Premium features

Yes, you will get WhatsApp as well as App notifications even if you have logged out from the iWhizz App